JIMMY QURESHI is an ace photographer and has the essence of a professional photographer who started his carrier as an amateur photographer. For Jimmy, Photography is a much sought after Passion, a beautiful Dream, he creates afresh with each morning dew, and ensures a fulfilling completion of the experienced finished product, by the dawn of the day. He has this Never-say-No attitude and is a highly committed and focused soul towards his work, so that Photography becomes the very air he breathes, lives on and dies for; unlike many for whom it is just a way to earn a living!!

After graduating in printing technology his bend towards art pushes him towards photography. Started his career as an assistant photographer he had worked with several national and international fashion photographers which includes Hemant Khandelwal, Anushka Menon, Fredric Valayze, Jeff Turick, Denis, Hugo Tillman, Olivier Kulman are the few names with whom he worked for the brands like LOUIS VUITTON, VARSACE, GIORGIO ARMANI, to name a few, and earned much appreciation and laurels for his work with these clients.

Jimmy has also worked globally for magazines namely, VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, GQ, WEDDING AFFAIR, BRIDAL ASIA, ELLE,MEN’S HEALTH, to name just a few. He has worked extensively, and is a much sought after Fashion photographer in the professional world He is a people’s person, a keen Observer, who generally likes relating his experiences gained within the International circuit, to create the originality of character in his images.

His work has an unusual, close to heart kind of feel, which instinctively brings out the original and contemporary aesthetic quality to his works. For him the journey has just begun because he feels that "Creating something unique can be a lot easier than one thinks!"

He continues working on local and global assignments while offering his up-to the mark services in Fashion Photography to clients in India.

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